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Don't miss the 11th Annual Napa Dental Experience - Friday March 13, 2015. Spend the luckiest day of the year with us!

View this interesting survey conducted on labor laws and RDHs.

Survey Conducted with registered dental hygienists over 3 weeks. Utilized: on line system, audience response cards, email. 400 responses recorded. This survey was voluntary and was requested due to an article from US News that was being disputed.  Study was conducted by Noel Kelsch, RDHAP, BS. Data was collected from February 26 - March 11, 2015 and published here on April 12, 2015.


1. As far as employment do you consider your self:

Fully Employed-I am working all the hours I want 61%

Underemployed-I am working but I do not have enough days or hours


I am unemployed and desire to work but cannot find it 11%

I am unemployed, retired or disabled and not seeking work at this time 3%


2. My Salary is:

Dependable: 56%

Simi Dependable: 34%

Not Dependable: 9%


3. I am paid:

On Commission Only: 6.5

On a base salary with a bonus system 18%

Hourly no over time 23%

Hourly with over time 17%

Hourly but I have to clock out if a patient does not show 15.5%

Per day no over time 20%


4. As far as break times in an 8 hour day I get:

2 fifteen-minute breaks 5%

1 fifteen-minute break 0%

I donít get 15-minute breaks 95%


5. In the past year I have had to miss work or limit my work because of a physical condition related to my job

Yes: 16%

No: 81%

I no longer work because of a physical condition related directly to my job: 3% 



The 12th Napa Dental Experience will be held March 11 & 12, 2016.

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The Napa Dental Experience was born from a desire to provide quality continuing education for dental professionals while sharing the beauty of California's Napa Valley.  Dental IQ was established in 2005 to continue the Experience tradition. We became Dental IQ, LLC in 2010 while expanding our offerings of education, consulting and event planning.

It is our goal to help each member of the dental team become his or her professional best. Patient care is enhanced when the entire team is current and enthusiastic about providing exceptional health care.

The 11th Annual Napa Dental Experience will provide each team member with the opportunity to earn 6 CE units in a fun and learning focused environment.



Kathleen Montgomery, RDH, BA, said, "After 35 plus years of continuing education courses, this was the best. Not only were all of you so versed in your subject matter, you delivered it with clarity, efficiency, enthusiasm, not to mention with (bordering on hilarious at times) humor.  I've never laughed so much while learning so much!"


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